PHP Application Migration to SharePoint

Business Case

Client was having a PHP site for their internal operations i.e. intranet. Also they had a lot of independent sub-systems / applications in this PHP intranet environment. This was tough to maintain as it involved a lot of developer inputs whenever changes were needed. Security (i.e. authentication and authorization) was also a prime concern.

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Products and Services used

  • SharePoint Migration (PHP to SharePoint 2013)
  • SharePoint Branding
  • jQuery based web parts

Technical Objectives

  • They had a dashboard that showed various useful information and gives way to navigate to other locations in site.
  • The php system needed to be replicated as a SharePoint site.
  • All individual sub-systems needed to be merged into one single application/site.
  • Normal SharePoint navigation is a single level deep offering. But need was for a three level deep and customizable by any non-technical user.
Look and feel was needed to be kept same as legacy system for easy end user transition to new SharePoint system.

PSSPL Solution

  • Custom branding to have page elements similar to the legacy system.
  • Metadata navigation of up to three level depth for easy navigation and search-ability.
  • Various dashboard elements implemented as Web Parts for easy customization and maintenance.
  • SharePoint blog site for blogging purpose, and fetching data for some of the dashboard Web Parts.
  • Solution was made as a sandbox solutions for easy migration to SharePoint online; if needed in future.
  • All Web Parts work asynchronously for a seamless and un-obstructive end user experience.


  • SharePoint provided a great online platform that can be easily customized by any authorized, non-technical end user.
  • SharePoint provides a well-built blogging environment.
  • Authentication and authorization are at the core of any SharePoint site.
  • All individual sub-systems from legacy application are merged into a single SharePoint site.


That is the best path to the SharePoint for your organization? How do you know which applications to host in the SharePoint —and which SharePoint features are the best fit?


Today SharePoint is a highly adopted platform for content, document and record management, intranet and extranet corporate portals, business collaboration and many more opportunities.


SharePoint is considered a Powerful business Tool with great features and interface comes with it. As it is a technology, it needs to be upgraded time to time with latest versions available and so becomes migration process important too.


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