Job Scheduling Application

Business Case

This is a product introduced by our client. This web based software provides a service that makes it possible for SharePoint site owners to plug in data from external web services by using a “no-touch” approach, this all to enrich the SharePoint experience. Technically the product operates as a broker service for the SharePoint web services and external web services/APIs.

User can subscribe to any services and then configure the service to get the data in his/her SharePoint site. Scheduling feature facilitate user to schedule any of the services so that broker engine populate data to the SharePoint site at specified interval.

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Products and Services used

  • Integration with other applications
  • Web Parts
  • No code solution

Technical Objectives

  • Job Scheduling
    • Persistent job scheduling: This product heavily uses scheduling for different services. The biggest challenge was to persist these scheduling without using any kind of service.
    • Manage scheduling: User is able to add/modify/delete scheduling scheme for different services. This was achieved by exploring the database used by component. Out of the box method of that component was created to achieve this task.
  • Less coding to add a new third party service in the existing product Reusable templates/Interfaces was created so that a new service (e.g. twitter service, fax service) can be added easily by just using these templates.
  • Dynamic user controls:
    Predefined user controls have been created that can be used for all the services.
  • Generalization of request using Web Application Description Language (WADL):
    One of the challenges was to generalize the HTTP request needed to use the services. This has been achieved using xml representation of request called WADL.
Less coding to add a new third party service in the existing product Reusable templates/Interfaces was created so that a new service (e.g. twitter service, fax service) can be added easily by just using these templates.

PSSPL Solution


  • Hide the complexity of SharePoint services and build methods that can easily be used by passing simple parameters rather than xml parameters.
  • Module implementation to generalize handling of HTTP request.
  • Dynamic content loading.
  • Use of jQuery to enhance the look and feel of interface.
  • Scheduling
  • No code solution: User can customize the look and feel without going to the SharePoint site.
  • Detect authentication method for different SharePoint site.
  • Integration of “Microsoft online services”.
Salient Features
  • Dynamic generation of controls according to the selected service.
  • Call methods according to the service selection using reflection.
  • Asynchronous operation to improve performance (web services and REST)
  • Use of WADL (Web application description language) to generalize the handling of request/response for different service. This reduces the effort to write code for each service for sending request and getting response.
  • Rijndael Encryption (AES) to enhance the security for user login, web services etc.
  • PayPal recurring payment handling.
  • Fastest Way to Transform the Data


  • New service can be added with less coding effort.
  • Output of services can be store in SharePoint lists.
  • No need to get into the SharePoint server to configure TunnelPoint services.
  • Nice load balancing feature of scheduling which is fast and light weight.
  • Development Cost Reduction
  • No Server side code management headaches.


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