Restoration Planning Solution for Real Estate Portal (Orion)

Business Case

The insurance restoration, remodeling and construction industry are commonly known for their lack of detail, lack of communication and inability to maintain and stay on schedule. The underlying issue causing the problem is generally the lack of organization, and the inability of companies to apply a systematic approach to their business.

They were always trying to find bills that nobody knew where they were, they spent hours looking for the paper backups and they were spending thousands of dollars a month shipping paper work across the South East. Not to mention the fact that if they lost a salesman they never had any of the paper work, notes, contracts, pictures and had no idea what was promised to the customers.

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Products and Services used

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint workflow (state machine workflow)
  • Web parts

Technical Objectives

  • Design & develop a portal for the new system.
  • Search implementation to facilitate document search based on jobs.
  • Schedule management using Gantt chart.
  • Claim authentication implementation so that external user can use the system using forms based authentication and internal users can use the system using windows authentication.
  • Dashboard implementation
  • Blog
Create state machine workflow to stream line the flow of business so that all details of a job are handled and all the proper paper work is submitted and approved.

PSSPL Solution

SharePoint 2010 has been chosen as platform to design and develop the new system. A lead sheet is there in the system where sales team can create lead when a new job comes. State machine workflow is attached to the lead sheet so that new lead/job goes through various approval stages. Once job is in production phase, user can create schedule that can be emailed to responsible person like contractors, insurance agent, and customer. A job is finally approved when billing cycle is completed. After that job is archived. A dashboard has been provided so that users can track jobs, see their tasks and calendars, search different documents related to their jobs, track cash flow summary etc.


  • Reduced cost of operations
  • External users (insurance agent, customer, and contractors) can see their information on the site.
  • The system saves a lot of time as user can search job related information like paperwork, contract, images and notes easily.
  • Accelerated the payment on an average job by 30 days.
  • Increased productivity by 30% getting a lot more done without having to look for paperwork, billing invoices, schedules, and selections.


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